And What If I…?

In one configuration or another, which always depends on a TRUE wish, GIN‘GAS Band has been into music for more than 25 years already. Thus the 3rd album-vinyl you are holding is sterling and expected, matured in oak barrels for 18 years (contains no sulfites in case that bothers you J) and it needs a proper presentation – in Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival. Why is it called “And What If I…?”, you may wonder. Because we are in a constant rush and find no time to fulfill our boldest dreams despite our eagerness to do it, aren’t we? As the years go by, our love for THAT kind of music has grown as we matured with it like a good wine. THAT kind of music is lolliPOP-free and fascinates for its energy, sound, tones and semitones, even a love for syncopation if you wish, as well as horns and fantastic riffs, grooves and simplicity at the same time – that’s what FUNK is about. Sometimes you start to understand it only holding an album which one day may be hunted by phonophiles, music or funk lovers, DJs or any other kind of human residing on this planet…

Currently, the heart of the band consists of 12 musicians from different Lithuanian regions (Siauliai, Vilnius, Klaipeda, Panevezys) and they only play live music:

Remigijus Ruokis – vocals, MC
Gintautas Gascevicius – drums
Arunas Viduolis – saxophones, processor
Paulius Rukas – bass
Dmitrij Levencov – trumpet
Zilvinas Gaubas – keys
Aurimas Povilaitis – percussion
Vykintas A. Jasaitis – guitar
Valdas Surdokas – trombone
Laimonas Urbikas – saxophones
Agne Michalenkovaite – back vocals
Inga Krisciunaite – back vocals

Our performance will be full of non-synthetic soul-funk that has been preserved until maturity and finally exposed to your ears, arms, legs and your WHOLE body so you could join us to the rhythm and groove. We dare calling it a heritage as it helps to understand modern dance electronics that uses funk riffs as a base, it inspires e-producers and DJs , evokes their fantasies some of which have been included in the VINYL and performance as well. Over funk, Lithuanian language gains a new form of rhythmic and it is all bloody alive… You must hear one of the oldest bands in Lithuania and has been referred to as pioneers of Lithuanian funk soul presenting their third album at Klaipeda Jazz Castle Festival…
So now, go on a spree, enjoy the sound and rhythm! FUNK EVERYWHERE! FUNK IT!
The album can be purchased in MAXIMA shopping centres and VAGA bookshops all over Lithuania as well as THELONIOUS shops and RUDNINKAI bookstore in Vilnius.

Ligita Jukneviciute
Journalist, writer, painter

“For me, listening to the music created by Remigijus Ruokis is like watching a movie directed by an insanely talented and extensively gifted director. It combines everything: love and erotica, philosophy and politics, irony and sarcasm even naivety allowing you to feel smarter than the director himself… Thus, I listen to his music in order to regard myself wiser and to get rid of pop toxins 🙂 Enjoy.”

Kristina Cepukaityte

“Once, I accidently overheard acquaintances of Ruokis trying to guess his first name, as over decades his surname Ruokis has become a nickname or even a brand whereas his forename has been forgotten in the dust of his passport. Ruokis is like a hyperactive child sensitive to all stimuli from the environment. Everything he sees he interprets in his own way and then just spills the emotional excess through music. However, Ruokis does not support the policy of hand wringing and even his love songs are humorous. And his words are NUMEROUS. Because few words are not enough to convey the message – insufficient to declare his love, too scarce to bite a self-observed chick, too scant to criticise the government or paraphrase a famous poet.
Ruokis is an old friend of mine thus has been scolded repeatedly for crammed lines in the songs of GIN’GAS, a funk band whose existence can be hardly pictured without him. Yet Ruokis worries little about it as he knows that his audience is considerate, thoughtful and creative keeping their ears open, able to catch the meaning of plentiful jokes, insights, slang and loanwords. He knows that he is not the only one with a labyrinth-like irregular mind. Kind of Lithuanian PINK FLOYD. And then their music. Qualitative, synthetics-free, performed by the best musicians of nowadays. Their music is suspenseful and uplifting and works better than coffee. In one of the crowded concerts of GIN’GAS I saw a young man pouring his admiration of Ruokis’s boldness in art. He was under 20 and Ruokis was already 45. I remember myself thinking that sincerity and consistency always pay. Maybe that does not happen fast but it always pays safe currency and always – one hundred per cent. As there are no others sounding so original, fresh and crunchy.
Remigijus is a forename of Ruokis and means “a rower”. GIN’GAS are lucky to have Ruokis as such a crazy rower won’t let their boat sink.”

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