23rd Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival

A fiesta of more than ten thousand good people

More than 200 musicians and performers from Lithuania and abroad, among which world most famous jazz and music stars, almost three dozen different musical performances and concerts, art projects, events and seminars, several dozens of ships and hundreds of jazz winds catching sailors and, most importantly, tens of thousands good music-loving people flooding Klaipeda streets- all this already this weekend at 23rd Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival.

This year jazz fiesta flavored with jazz sails will last much longer than usual in Klaipeda, Lithuanian Capital of Culture – all week. The first events will start already on Monday, but the main concerts will invite to Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival in Cruise Ship Terminal on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

We are proud to present the Honorary Consul of Lithuania in New Orleans (US) Jacquelyn Sophie Brechtel Clarkson, the patron of 23rd Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival.

Variety of music styles

Inga Grubliauskienė, the president of Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival says that 23rd Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival traditionally offers a free cocktail of different music styles and unique jazz and world music performances. It is also estimated that more than 200 musicians and other artists, from amateur to world top stars will appear on the stage of the festival on June 1-3.

One of the most precious crown jewels of the festival this year is a trumpet virtuoso, a singer and a Grammy nominee Till Brönner. One of the most prominent jazz musicians in Germany, Till Brönner does not try to resemble anyone else, he is simply unique! And this is proved not only by his phenomenal ability to elegantly and delicately balance between playing the trumpet and singing, but also by his outstanding talent to create a unique, sunny and bright atmosphere on the stage.

Jazz lovers will be also able to enjoy jazz rhythms of such famous performers as the Polish bass guitar virtuoso and jazz revolutionary Wojtek Pilichowski, an extraordinary talented singer from Croatia Daniel Čačija, a 30 — member heavenly  Gospel Choir from Dublin, a drummer and percussionist Vern Spevak and a trumpet virtuoso David Katz from the US, Estonian jazz musicians Janno Trump & Trump Conception, Belarus jazz pirates Chiefs Band, Klaipeda Jazz Orchestra, Gin’Gas, Jazz Miniatures and others.

“A huge, destructive” groove hurricane of funk and soul music Funk’n’Stein is forecasted in Klaipeda the first weekend of June”, jokes Inga Grubliauskienė, the president of Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival. 23rd Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival features one of the most talented performers from Israel – an 8-piece super-group Funk’n’Stein, an absolute funk and soul music phenomenon, also known as “unstoppable funk rhythm machine”.  15 years on, Funk’n’Stein  – a mega charismatic group and their unusual, exceptional, hypnotizing, original and lively performances have mesmerized audiences and conquered the hearts of thousands of fans in Israel and abroad.

Another pearl of the festival – a charismatic jazz musician and a guitarist from France Nina Attal, who breaks down all the usual barriers! It’s amazing she is only 25 but today Nina can boast having received over 1,5 million views of her records and more than 500 concerts to her credit all around the world.

The festival is unimaginable without “jam sessions”, with their unique aura and unforgettable legends. This year, they are – at “Chestnut”, immediately after the concerts on Friday and Saturday.

A special attention to young talents

23rd Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival will start on Monday by the contest of jazz music “Jazz Talents 2017”.

On the outside terrace of Pilies Uostas (Žvejų st 24) restaurant 10 selected young musicians’ groups from Lithuania, Latvia and Ukraine will take part in a new international jazz music talents competition and will be judged by the international jury including Francisco Angel Blanco, the President of Valencia “Sedajazz” festival, Sergiy Grabar, the founder and President of the International KYIV jazz festival “Yednist”, Natalia Artnova, the President of the International Odessa jazz festival.

“For many reasons, Klaipeda is called New Orleans of east Baltics and deserves to become one of the major starting points for young professional musicians’ careers”, says Inga Grubliauskienė, the president of Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival.

The winners will receive 1500 € prize and a unique possibility to perform together with the world’s most prominent jazz stars in 23rd Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival!

Many other jazzy events

On Wednesday the festival is inviting the fans of jazz and others to the gallery “Baroti” (Aukštoji str. 1) where the creative works of a pop art creator, painter, book illustrator, photographer, musician and songwriter Algis Kriščiūnas will be displayed in the exhibition “Jazz of Life”. The official opening of the jazzy exhibition will be accompanied by the sounds of BETE SMAT and Janis Amantovs & friends performed music. Besides, one of his works – a – surreal trumpet player featuring all times jazz legend Louis Armstrong has become a symbol of 23rd Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival. ”And the choice of the image of a trumpet player is as simple as it is – it features all times jazz legend Louis Armstrong! His voice and music performance, for me, are the best features of a good music, that is why I chose to illustrate him over Klaipeda, as a symbol of jazz in the jazz city,“ states Algis Kriščiūnas.

On Thursday, young and other musicians of Klaipeda are invited to S. Šimkus Conservatoire dorm Hall to attend a free master class held by a well-known percussionist virtuoso in the US and abroad Vern Spevak and a jazz icon from Chicago, a trumpet player David Katz.

The festival traditionally pays a special attention to people with disabilities and on Friday it invites to a free unique, music therapy workshop “Music heals”. The seminar invites to come all who are seeking to overcome their innner or outer barriers and discover music as a way to preserve their inner peace and joy of life, because the festival team believes that music does wonders! The guests of this year’s music therapy seminar, which will be held at “Medeinės” school, include V. Spevak, D. Katz and Dublin Gospel Choir member Raimonda Masiulytė-Ramchurn. The seminar will be moderated by a music educator Linas Švirinas.

Besides, traditionally the main festival concerts will be equipped with special platforms for people with disabilities.

Even three regattas

23rd Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival born of on the sea will allow you again to taste the flavors of fluttering sails.

From Thursday to Saturday Lithuanian port city will become not only the harbor of jazz, but also of sailing regatta Baltic Sail. 10 exclusive sailboats – Kapitan Borchardt, Bryza H, Antica, Arc, Baltic Star, Zia and others – will undoubtedly inspire the marine spirit and the mood of summer, and the festival goers will be able not only to admire, but also visit the ships or sail on them.

Fostering the long-lasting friendship between the festival and Lithuanian Yachting Union the first weekend of June welcomes a traditional tall ships regatta “Klaipeda Jazz Race” where the strongest cruising yachts will participate. Most of the heats will take place in the Baltic Sea, but one, on Friday afternoon– in the Curonian Lagoon specially for the jazz festival audience to watch the sail boats move and compete. The winners of the regatta will be awarded “Klaipeda Jazz” festival trophy. Besides, the second “jazz” yacht parade will also be held on Friday evening in the Dane River.

The festival will also pay a tribute to young sailors and on Sunday at noon, the children in Optimist Class yachts will compete against each other in “jazzy” regatta in Dreverna.

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